3,517,006 Trees
Planted by Grow-Trees



Kavita Khosa, Founder & CEO, Purearth

Grow Trees is a commendable initiative and one very close to my heart. As an eco conscious social enterprise Purearth supports this project wholeheartedly.

Zelia Quadros, Founder, Artilligence

We are an advertising agency that specializes in pharma communications. The Grow-Trees campaign was one of the promotional ideas suggested by us for our clients. We amalgamated the Grow-Trees concept with the brand communication based on being eco-friendly and preserving nature.
The personalized ‘Grow-Trees’ certificates were presented to doctors to honor their devoted services towards their patients. The unique idea of planting trees in honor of others has been greatly appreciated by everyone.

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Sreeraj G. Pai

I am very much pleased with this website. Lot of sincere efforts have been taken to plant trees. This website gives a lot meaningful purpose to live on planet earth and make her more greener. I wish team of Grow-Trees all the best in upcoming years to achieve all their project goals.

Roopali Srivastava, Founder, Greenkins.com

We at Greenkins.com are delighted to be associated with Grow-Trees.com. There’s a perfect synergy between what Greenkins.com stands for and what Grow-Trees does. We have run several campaigns where we have honoured our customers by planting trees for them. While it is immensely satisfying for all of us to be able to plant trees, the beautiful certificates that Grow-Trees issues is the cherry on the cake that never fails to delight our customers! Planting trees through Grow-Trees.com is convenient and cost effective. We wish every success to Grow-Trees.com and look forward to our continued association.

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